I don't bother with Acetaminophen. There seems to be growing evidence that most people, like me, get no pain relief from the stuff. The drug helps for fever, but now a days there is quite a debate about whether suppressing fever is a good thing, unless the fever is high enough to do damage itself. Acetaminophen is also known to be of no use for swelling. So for me there's no reason to take it and yet it's mixed into all sorts of other meds so you are almost forced to use the stuff - and pay for it.

Most online sources still claim it's useful for pain. How can they all be wrong? Maybe people mistake the achy feeling you get with fever for true pain? And it does help with fever. Or maybe it was once believed to be effective and the force of marketing and historical inertia keep it on the pain meds list.

As always, consult your doctor (so you can take their advice with a grain of salt ;-)

Acetaminophen for Chronic Pain: A Systematic Review on Efficacy - PubMed
Acetaminophen (paracetamol) is the most commonly used analgesic worldwide and recommended as first-line treatment in all pain conditions by WHO. We performed a systematic literature review to evaluate the efficacy of acetaminophen when used for chronic pain conditions. Applying three broad search st…
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